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What's the benefit for the Paper Seller?
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How do I register?
What do I do once I'm registered?
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How do I post paper to sell?
How do I post additional items?
How do I edit or delete a listing?
What do I do if a buyer makes an offer?
How do I view and accept/reject a PO?
Can I email my listings to potential buyers?
How do I sell paper in an auction?
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How do I find paper in the MarketPlace?
Can I ask the seller a question before making an offer?
How do I make an offer?
How do I view the status of my offer?
I received a counter offer, what do I do?
The seller accepted my offer, what do I do?
Can I add more than one lot to my Purchase Order?
How do I create a Purchase Order?
How do I check the status of my Purchase Order?
Can I edit or cancel my Purchase Order?

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If You Are Selling Paper

If you are selling paper, you have three options:

  1. MarketPlace: Post paper in the Go2Paper MarketPlace for all buyers to view and purchase. You have the option of setting a fixed price or setting a price and allow buyers to make offers on your paper. Click on the Sell Paper link on the top of the page to get started.

  2. Private Web: A seller can sign up for a Private Web and have all their paper listed in one location on Go2Paper. Plus, the Private Web provides additional branding and market exposure for your company since your logo is displayed on the front page of the web site and the customer is one click away from viewing your company information on a dedicated page. Companies with multiple locations or lots of inventory are ideally suited for a Private Web. Contact Go2Paper to get more information about a Private Web and to set up an account.

  3. Auction: A seller can also set up an auction where they set the minimum bid and the time frame and buyers bid on the stock. For the auction to be successful, the seller must inform potential buyers of the auction and have them bid on the stock. Click on the Auction link at the top of the page to get started.

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How do I post paper to sell?

We provide a few options to post paper on the site.

  1. If you're posting paper for the first time, click on the "sell paper" link on top of the My Go2Paper page. See illustration above.

  2. If you've already posted paper, use the My Listings page to add more stock by clicking a lot#, make modifications, and click "Add as a New Listing".

  3. Using our inventory template spreadsheet, fill in all the required fields and email to sales@go2paper.com. We will upload the inventory to your account. As a general rule, if you have over 50 items then you may want to use the spreadsheet. Otherwise, it's fairly quick and easy to use our online form and should take you less than a minute to list a single item.

While filling out the information pay attention to a few key questions:

  1. Price/cwt? Fill in the price you are willing to sell the paper. Use only numeric values.

  2. Would you allow the buyer to purchase less than the entire lot? Unless you absolutely have to sell the entire lot as one transaction, you might be better off allowing potential buyers to purchase a smaller amount. This may attract more potential buyers.

  3. Is the stock Mill Prime? Buyers will want to know the quality of the stock so it's important you provide them with as much information as possible. Include any additional information in the Comments section.

  4. Receive offers below list price? If you are willing to receive offers for your paper below the asking price, select yes and then select the percentage allowed below the asking price. Most sellers are selecting "Any Offer".

Once completed, your listing will be on Go2Paper for all buyers to view via the browse or search functions and will be located in "My Listings" for you to view, edit, or delete.

Sell Paper Form

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How do I post additional items?

  1. When you use the "Sell Paper" button per the above and fill out the form, after you click "Add as a New Listing" you can use the previous form and make the required changes and then click "Add as a New Listing" again. This will add the other listing.

  2. Once you add an item, your listings will be located on the My Listings page. Click on My Listings on the left side of the page. The My Listings page will show all the listings that you have on the site. Click on any of the column headings to sort by that column and quickly find the listing to edit or delete. To add additional items, click on a lot # to bring up the details for that lot#.

Make the changes and click "Add as a new listing" on the bottom of the page.

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How do I edit or delete a listing?

If you wish to edit or delete any items, use the same steps per above but click the "Update" button after you've made your changes to that listing or click the "Delete" button if you wish to delete a listing.

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What do I do if a buyer makes an offer?

If a potential buyer is interested in purchasing paper, they may make an offer if the seller selected that option while posting the paper. The seller will receive the offer via their registered email address and on their My Listings page along with another copy on their My Offers page. Click on the Offer(1) to view the offer on the My Offers Received page.

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My Listings Page

Or, go directly to My Offers and view the status under the status column.

Click on the Lot# to make a counter offer, accept the offer, or to decline the offer. This page will also show if a PO has been received for a particular listing and the status as well.

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My Offers Received Page

If you wish to counter offer fill in the Offer Price field and click "Submit Counter Offer". If you wish to accept or decline the offer click the appropriate button. In each case, an email will go out to the buyer with your reply and your status will be updated on the My Offers Received page.

Offer Form

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How do I view and accept/reject a PO?

If the seller receives a Purchase Order it will be located on "My Listings" and be notified via email. Under the Purchase Order column on the "My Listings" page, if there's a number next to the PO such as "PO(1)", then a PO has been received. Click on the PO(1) and view the PO.

To view the details of the PO, click on the PO #.

If the PO status is "Pending" then the seller needs to "Accept" or "Reject" the PO. Or, the seller can email a question to the buyer such as verifying credit.

Once the seller makes a decision the buyer is notified via email and on their My Orders page of the status. A record of the PO is kept for the seller. If all the stock is purchased then that listing is taken off the site automatically. Once accepted, the buyer and seller will then discuss any final shipping arrangements.

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Can I email my Listings to potential buyers?

You may use our email, marketing tool to help you sell your paper. From your "My Listings" page, select "If you wish to send your listings out via email, click here." Follow the four-step process to select your listings, your email addresses, and thenwrite your email. You can send a sample copy to yourself first and then send your listings directly to your buyers, who will then be able to click on the listing to make an offer or purchase the paper.

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How do I sell paper in an Auction?

If you wish to sell paper via an auction format, you need to click on the Auction link on the top of the page.

Select "Create an English Auction"

Fill out the form and click "Add as a New Auction" at the bottom of the page.

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