Go2Paper launches Web-based services for the multi-billion dollar excess paper market

OAKLAND, CA - October 22, 2001 - Go2Paper officially launches its Web-based services to help paper buyers manage and sell their excess paper inventory. With close to 10 million pounds of paper already listed for sale on the site, the company is well on its way to becoming the destination for excess paper stock. The company's Paper MarketPlace provides complete end-to-end transaction management between paper buyers and sellers by providing all the tools to manage and keep track of their transactions.

With companies' profit margins under pressure, often the difference between printing events being in the black versus in the red is due to paper efficiency. That is because paper comprises as much as 50% or more of the production costs. An equally debilitating bottom-line issue is tied-up working capital at high interest rates inhibiting companies' ability to purchase lower cost paper as prices decline.

Mike Conran, CEO of Go2Paper, saw a need to provide a set of services to allow paper buyers to manage and sell their excess inventory. "It's commonplace that a paper user will change print requirements at the last minute and therefore have excess paper to sell. In many cases, the paper sits on the warehouse floor and ties up much needed capital." Mike further commented, "Go2Paper created the "Paper MarketPlace' technology to allow paper users to quickly cash out of excess inventory as well as find great deals on mill-prime paper."

Customers such as Home Depot are using the service to help sell some of their excess inventory. Alan Glover, National Print and Pre-Press Manager at Home Depot, comments, "In this dynamic marketplace, we may need to change our print requirements, which at times does result in excess paper inventory. Go2Paper provides us with an easy means to manage and sell that inventory promptly."

Publishers, merchants, printers, converters and mills can use the flexible capabilities of Go2Paper to sell their unallocated paper under their own terms. Sellers can post listings anonymously, can list at a fixed price and change price at any time and can list in an auction format to maximize their return. Go2Paper also offers a daily news briefing along with tools for calculating paper pounds, postal cost and freight cost.

About Go2Paper

Go2Paper is a technology company providing paper users with the means to manage and sell excess paper. The company's initial service, Paper MarketPlace, enables any paper user whether a printer, mill, merchant, converter, or end user, to post and sell their paper inventory. Also, under development are tools to help paper buyers manage their paper orders from the event information to final billing.


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