Print/Paper Buyers

We have had a wonderful relationship with the PaperManager team over the years. They have been consistently willing and able to refine and update the system to better meet our needs. We
could not run our business effectively without PaperManager.
-- Dave, SVP, Publisher
PaperManager's rolling inventory report provides
invaluable visibility
into what's still in stock and when we need to reorder based on our forecasts. The team at Go2Paper has helped us eliminate many manual steps in our paper operations.”
-- Caryn, Director of Paper Sourcing, Publisher
I've been purchasing paper since 1998 and PaperManager is my third procurement and inventory management system. My suggestions for modifications, fixes or improvements to the system are taken seriously, and their high level of customer service isn't typical in my experience with online services. Of the available offerings, I'd consider PaperManager
the best, that's why I'm using it
-- Marc, Director of Paper Management, Publisher
The only thing that is better than the App itself is the company's
customer service
-- Kevin, Print Production Manager, Retailer

Paper Suppliers

I recommend PaperManager to anyone needing to manage paper orders, shipments, receipts, usage and inventory to the exact pound, date and location. PaperManager is intuitive and its forecasting, reporting and invoicing capabilities are the
best in the industry
-- -Tim, Vice President, Paper Supplier
PaperManager is so
easy to use
, with data just a dropdown away. The thought of going back to spreadsheets to manage paper makes me feel downright queasy. PM is an investment that is
to an efficient management of paper for my print programs.”
-- Charlie, Vice President, Paper Supplier
I use PaperManager daily for many of my customers and find it to be
extremely user friendly and intuitive.
Whenever help is needed, they are always quick to respond. If it were up to me, I would ask all of our business partners to use PaperManager”
-- Madeline, Customer Support, Paper Supplier
As a 34-year veteran of the Paper and Printing industry, I've used just about all the systems made to support Paper and Print Procurement. PaperManager/PrintMedia Manager are
by far the best procurement
and inventory management solutions in the Printing Industry.”
-- Jeff, Marketing Director, Paper Supplier
PaperManager is a very user-friendly tool that holds a lot of useful information and integrates well with our inhouse systems. Their
customer support is first-rate.
-- Richard, Business Support, Paper Supplier
PrintMedia Manager's bid-buy functionality is
easy, flexible and fast,
providing us the best-fit suppliers. They've solicited our viewpoint on needed features, which really assured us we found the right partner.”
-- Shane, Vice President, Paper Supplier
The best thing about PaperManager and PrintMediaManager is the responsiveness to user feedback. When we suggest a change or improvement, they incorporate the updates quickly. Over time, this creates a platform that truly
meets our exacting needs.
-- Chris, Sales Director, Paper Supplier
I have been using Paper Manager for over 10 years. By far, the best print & paper system in the industry. They have
superior customer service
and are always looking for ways to improve the system.”
-- Kathleen, Sales, Paper Supplier
PaperManager simplifies the process of ordering, invoicing, and inventory management. It's a great tool to bring all the partners together under one “roof” - the supplier, the customer, and the printer. We can all communicate in real time and get the
information we need with just a few clicks.
-- Aimee, Customer Support, Paper Supplier


PaperManager is so
easy to use
and helpful for planning and utilizing paper inventories. The support staff is great and always ready to go the extra mile.”

-- Mary, Print Production, Commercial Printer
While my competitors were adding staff, I used PaperManager to scale my customer portfolio without increasing my overhead. I'm now able to do
more with less.
-- Marcus, Sales, Commercial Printer
I have found PrintMedia Manger is
very user friendly
. It is a convenient way to share information and files.”
-- Carol, Customer Support, Commercial Printer
PrintMedia Manager provided us with the
tools we needed
to supply print all over the World. We have been using the PMM platform for a few years now. From quoting to production and delivery tools we can give our clients with work-in-progress updates, regardless of location or time zone.”
-- Tim, Managing Director, Commercial Printer
PrintMedia Manager is super easy to use when submitting pricing for quotes. It allows us to email copies, approvals, and notifications at the push of a button, so our team and customers
are always on the same page.
-- Lorien, CSR, Commercial Printer

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