Go2Paper Launches Paper Alert
Email notification system to alert paper buyers of new opportunities

OAKLAND, CA - July 15, 2002 - Go2Paper, a leading provider of e-business tools and services for the global paper industry, announced today the launch of Paper Alert, an email notification system to alert paper buyers of new inventory that meets their requirements. The free service is available for all registered members and can be found at www.go2paper.com.

Paper Alert is an online tool for paper buyers that want to be notified via email any time a supplier posts paper on Go2Paper's Paper Marketplace that meets their specifications. This time-saving tool allows the Go2Paper members to create one or more Paper Alerts specifying options such as paper grade, roll size, and basis weight, as well as, when they would like to be notified, on a daily or weekly basis. Once paper is posted that matches the member's profile, an email is sent directly to the member, and the listing is placed on the member's My Paper Alert page located on the Go2Paper web site. Members can make offers or buy the paper directly from the email listing.

"Paper Alert is a tool that every paper buyer should have. This product along with our new expanded search capability provides our customers with the fastest and easiest way to find first-run quality paper at great prices when they need it," said Mike Conran, CEO, Go2Paper. He added, "It also allows paper users to quickly unload any excess paper as qualified buyers will be notified once the paper is posted."

Paper buyers find it beneficial because it allows them to keep apprised of any listings once they are posted versus having to search for new listings. Tim Eliason, Vice President of Graphic Communications, a paper broker, says, "I've set up six different paper alerts to give me a heads up on any great deals that meet my requirements. Finding paper inventory is half the battle. Paper Alert does it for me."

About Go2Paper

Go2Paper is a technology company providing paper users with the means to manage and sell excess paper. The company's initial service, Paper MarketPlace, enables any paper user whether a printer, mill, merchant, converter, or end user, to post and sell their paper inventory. Also, under development are tools to help paper buyers manage their paper orders from the event information to final billing.


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