Modern Luxury Selects Go2Paper's PaperManager
Software as a Service (SaaS): Paper Management and Inventory Tool

OAKLAND, CA- June 26, 2007 - Go2Paper ( a leading provider of e-business tools and services for the global paper industry, announced today that Modern Luxury has selected Go2Paper's PaperManager ( to manage their paper orders. PaperManager allows magazine publishers, retailers, and catalogers to collaborate online with their paper suppliers and printers to more efficiently manage their paper orders and inventory.

PaperManager's Software as a Service (SaaS) model, keeps each company in the supply chain informed and updated with the paper order information. Paper buyers, whether a printer or end user, may enter the paper orders into PaperManager for their suppliers to confirm. The service keeps track of paper inventory from the pounds ordered, shipped, and received at the printer, to the consumption and remaining inventory, which can be used for future print jobs. Plus, with complete XML capability, paper users can download their orders directly into their accounting systems.

Mike Conran, Go2Paper CEO, said, "Over the years, we have added many new features to PaperManager, which has helped us meet the growing demands of our customers such as Modern Luxury. He added, "With paper being a very large percentage of the total print buy, it's important for Modern Luxury to have the best tools to manage their paper."

Modern Luxury, Inc. publishes the finest regional luxury lifestyle magazines in America, concentrating specifically on the greater Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Washington DC, Atlanta, San Diego, Orange County, Honolulu, Napa-Sonoma metropolitan markets. With PaperManager, they can more effectively manage their paper inventory to print their various publications.

Sean Bertram, Modern Luxury Print Procurement Director, says, "As we continue to grow our circulation and launch new publications an efficient paper management tool has become more critical. PaperManager has quickly given us the ability to better forecast, order and manage our paper inventory.

The service is being offered on a monthly subscription with no up front fees or integration costs so customers can start using it immediately.

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