Go2Paper's PaperManager™ Processes Over $1 Billion in Paper Sales
Leading retailers, catalogers, and publishers continue to expand their use of PaperManager to manage and execute their paper purchases.

OAKLAND, CA - January 12 , 2010 - Go2Paper (http://www.go2paper.com) a leading provider of e-business tools and services for the global paper (print) industry, announced today that PaperManager, a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, has surpassed over $1 billion in paper sales. PaperManager, (www.papermanager.com) allows publishers, catalogers and retailers to execute their paper orders and manage inventory with their suppliers and printers.

Go2Paper's PaperManager enables paper buyers, printers, and suppliers to collaborate online, keeping each party in the supply chain informed and updated with paper order, receipt and usage information.nbsp; Plus, it allows paper users to download orders directly into their accounting systems using PaperManager's complete Standards based interfaces.

The service simplifies and automates the paper ordering, tracking and invoicing process.nbsp; From the moment a buyer places an order, PaperManager begins the process of confirming orders, providing reminders, documenting changes, tracking mill shipments, recording printer receipts, calculating printer usage, documenting inventories and invoicing completed events.nbsp; Any paper that is under-consumed can be re-applied to a future requirement or posted for sale on Go2Paper's marketplace, each with a single click. PaperManager improves efficiency, accuracy and financial stewardship compared to using non-integrated spreadsheets to manage fast-paced print programs.

"Processing over $1 billion in paper sales is certainly a great milestone for our company.nbsp; We've worked hard to provide the services to help our customers make their paper purchasing process more efficient and these results are a testament to the optimization that our system derives," said Mike Conran, Go2Paper CEO.

The service is being offered to Retailers, Catalogers, and Magazine Publishers on a monthly subscription without any up front fees or integration costs so customers can start using it immediately.

For more information call us at 510-336-0602 or email at info@go2paper.com.

Go2Paper (http://www.go2paper.com)

Go2Paper develops and supports technologies for the paper and print industry, including the Go2Paper Marketplace, an online source to buy/sell excess paper, Private Webs, PaperManager, and Professional Services.nbsp; The technology solutions are provided as Software as a Service (SaaS) or Cloud Computing model accessible from any web browser, while integrating into enterprise business systems.


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