PubWorX Selects PaperManager Cloud Services to Manage Paper Procurement and Inventory

OAKLAND, CA - October 9, 2017 - Go2Paper (, a leading provider of Cloud Services for the print and paper industry, announced today that PubWorX, an independent joint venture between Hearst Magazines and Condé Nast that manages production, procurement and circulation services for a growing roster of publishers, has selected Go2Paper's PaperManager SaaS technology ( to streamline its paper ordering and inventory.

PaperManager enables publishers, catalog creators and retailers to manage paper orders and inventory with suppliers and printers, providing greater efficiencies in the print production process. Paper is a significant and critical portion of every print budget, and PaperManager's cloud service simplifies the process of ordering and tracking inventory. PaperManager is an end-to-end solution, saving companies the cost of building and maintaining proprietary software, and allowing for electronic transactions with vendors, reducing the time spent on manual data entry.

"Technology continues to offer better solutions for managing our paper spend and inventory, and PaperManager provides the most complete solution for our business", said Craig DeRusha, PubWorX Vice President, Paper. "As we manage the print for two of the largest magazine media companies as well as many other publishers, it is essential to partner with a proven and widely accepted technology and we found that in PaperManager."

Michael Conran, Go2Paper CEO, said, "Adding PubWorX to our customer base is significant for all of our customers and their vendors as all companies benefit from sharing ideas on how to drive more efficiencies in the supply chain. PubWorX helps us push the envelope as to how far we can expand the technology to improve the production process."

PaperManager services are offered to retailers, catalog creators, and publishers on a monthly subscription basis. A simple set up allows customers to start using PaperManager immediately.

Go2Paper (

Go2Paper provides SaaS technology and services for the print and paper industry, including PaperManager, the paper procurement and inventory management system and Go2Paper Paper Marketplace, an online source to buy/sell excess paper.

About PubWorX

PubWorX is a Hearst and Condé Nast partnership committed to offering efficiency, best practices and innovation to the magazine industry to satisfy consumer marketing, circulation management, production and paper procurement needs of any publisher, large or small.


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